the letter

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I write not because I cannot express myself through my speech but because I know it is the best way. Through my words on paper I show myself. Sometimes smooth and leisurely cursive handwriting. Sometimes in bold letters to show significance of what I am saying. Often my writing is subtle, it goes round and round beating around the bush because I am confused as to what I want to say. But I wish you knew. I wish you knew why I write to you. Even though I am at times confused, please be patient, don’t put this letter down before you finish it – because it’s been written for now, if your eyes wander off the page with intentions to return to it later – you’ll find it may be outdated. For as significant your reply to me would be, it is also important that you link my feelings and thoughts on paper with the date scribbled on top of the page. However passive those numbers appear, they hold significance in representing the time and space I have thought such thoughts, felt such emotions and most of all, attempted to share it all with you.

This is my love letter to you. Please read it. No, don’t just read it. I hope you read it with your heart open, like the French windows in my bedroom that open out to let the sunshine in and often some wind and rain. For as the sunshine cannot force itself into my world unless I let my fingers draw the curtains as an invitation, I cannot force you to open your heart to my words unless you are willing. So I seek your invitation for my words to flow into your heart. At times the words I say will be like sunshine, at times like torrential rain to you. Like the weather the words will have a personality of their own depending on how you take it. Yet I do not worry that my words will not be understood as they are purposed to be. By the time you begin reading, you have already opened up your heart to me, my words and the amazing possibilities that will follow from now on. The curtains of your heart are blowing.

p.s - I can't seem to sleep. This is not good....

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