are you thirsty?


so beautiful
how only you can satisfy this heart 
we sing it loud 
for love has found us 

BEING an introvert by nature, the word 'come' tells me to step out of my comfort zone. Yet in today's bible study God was telling me to come and be filled with the Spirit that guides us, reveals God to us, remind us of the hope we have in Jesus and clothes us in power. Jesus' personal invitation (John 7:36-37) for the thirsty to come and be filled with streams aka the Holy Spirit (Spirit of God) reminded me of how we must actively 'invite' the Spirit into our lives in order for it to transform our lives. It's a choice. He doesn't force us. As with everything, He gives us freedom to make choices in this life.

Everything about the Holy Spirit is gentle and inviting. He asks if you'd like to be transformed. Who would say no to that? Saying no would mean missing out on so much. I can honestly say inviting the Holy Spirit into my life and receiving Jesus as saviour of my life has been the best decision I've made. Recently a friend told me she was surprised to see how much I'd changed since the last time I saw her and was wondering what had caused this change. I felt encouraged that the changes were evident in my life and knew in my heart it was the work of the Holy Spirit. When I began to rely on the Holy Spirit, things started getting better and better. It wasn't better situations but better ways of dealing with situations and way of thinking. A shift in mindset would be the right way to phrase it. Inevitably I still struggle with letting myself go completely to let the Holy Spirit work fully in my life. But I would not exchange this journey for anything because I am learning, trying, growing and becoming someone God created me to be.

So I'd love to encourage you to also join me in this journey.

If you're feeling thirsty in your heart, seeking more to life, feeling empty or weary... remember God says 'come'.
Answer his call.
He's been waiting all along.


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