home is where the heart is

I LOVE GOING home on the weekends. Unlike the place I live in now, my parent's house has a large backyard lined with huge billowy trees, bright and pastel coloured flowers that blossom all year round and has a general abundance of green. Every time I go, I feel so much more relaxed and one with nature since our house is right in the middle of all the green. It's wonderful reading outside in the shade or playing the guitar...just bliss. But this time round, I didn't get to do much of relaxing but study for the upcoming exams.

Nonetheless I found some time to relax through some baking to treat family. I made the same apple and pear pie again, but this time with some twists - brown sugar instead of white (less of it too, diabetes runs in the family), some honey and desicated coconut on top. Pie didn't turn out pretty since it was a bit rushed but I was pleased with the taste. I also made an imitation Vietnamese cold dessert which my friend's housemate made for his birthday party...it's very quick and easy: some coconut milk + cubed coconut jelly + thinly sliced jackfruit + colourful jelly cut into small squares + (a round jelly like thing I can't remember the name of!). Then into the fridge so it's a bit chilly. The young cousins didn't like the apple pie much since it was a bit savoury rather than sweet but I was glad they did like the cold dessert.

(photos using my Olympus PEN)

I brought back home a new addition to the balcony family (on the right) courtesy of my lovely aunt. Looks so small and cute amongst the big pots. Wish all weekends were like this one. But alas, a new week approaches...have a great fantastic week!

P.S - something beautiful . . .



  1. this looks beautiful, apples and pears yum! xo

  2. the pie looks soooooo yummy!!! :)
    ♥ romi

  3. thanks for visiting and the lovely comments. you should give it a try too :D