the midnight bakery


THE PAST couple nights my housemates and I decided do some late night baking. Totally unplanned. The result? two scrumptuous baker's deilghts, Apple & pear pie and Bread and butter pudding. All the butter and sugar..boy was I glad I had jogged earlier in the day! Ah and who knew, the joys of baking with company. All the cooking drove us into excitement then exhaustion (well I know it did for me) that by the time we had finished baking and filled our stomaches with a slice of our baking creations we promptly returned to our rooms. So now we have the joy of cleaning up before the real estate lady comes today to check on how clean we are keeping this place...Let's just say we've already used Exit Mould on toilet surfaces so I think half the battle is over..Now to wipe down those kitchen tops...

Wish you all a good morning to a new day!
I proclaim this day one in which I have control over my inner negative words and dwelling on my mistakes and insecurities. Cos you know what? God gave us a spirit 'not of timidity but of power, love and self-discipline' 2 Timothy 1:7. So it's only normal to have control over such things that are pulling me down and replacing it with words of life. It's time for me to exercise what I've been designed to do all along.



  1. wow, I'm salivating big time!

  2. buttonhearts10/17/2011

    i would love a big slice of this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream right about now :]]

  3. @ Curious Chopstix, you should try making it too..totally worth the time! ;) @ buttonhearts,mmm great idea, I'll be sure to add icecream next time I make it!