fairy tales and warrior princesses


RECENTLY I saw the movie 'Mirror Mirror' starring Julia Roberts as the evil queen and Lily Collins as Snow White. The obvious themes of the film were based on love, courage, beauty and the force of evil. Besides the colourful costumes, captivating settings and the beauty of Snow White, I much enjoyed Snow White's depiction as a 'warrior princess' out to protect her kingdom, rather than the more common depiction as a fair skinned girl incapable of doing anything except singing while pick flowers all day (no offence to picking flowers and singing, I actually engage in both activities but c'mon, seriously, disney over-feminizes sometimes..).

I loved it when Snow White and her father are reunited and he says to her with awe-filled eyes full of love:

'You never stopped believing in yourself'

That look in his eyes made me realise that's how I want God to look me in the eyes when I meet him in heaven. The princess' heart for the kingdom and her strong identity as the rightful heir of the kingdom allowed her to be courageous in the midst of death threats from the queen. Of course, SW had a great support network comprised of the seven dwarves who helped her in the journey to become a fighter. In the end, her courage is rewarded by the return of her father and the kingdom is reunited with its King. If her identity had faltered she may have continued believing that she had no power and her story would cease there. This resembles one of the devil's most common tactics of trying to shake one's identity in Christ as rightful heir to God's Kingdom. Why? Simply put, once we know our true identity we have limitless potential and power because we know God gave them to us. The devil's main aim is to disempower and steal hope. Yet we do not give up on hope, 'because we know the one who raised the Lord Jesus from the dead will also raise us...' (2 Corinthians 4:14).

Recalling my childhood, as a girl I had an innate love of the 'warrior princess'. Frankly, the world of Barbie and Ken got quite boring after a few years of squeaky clean happy perfection and no conflicts. One of my favourite TV shows as a nine year old were 'Xena warrior princess' and the reality TV show 'Gladiator' where muscly and tanned contestants (think Xmen but without powers) battled and persevered through several obstacles with names such as 'whiplash'. I even joined my friend and her family to the show set in Brisbane to experience the Gladiators..THAT's how hardcore a fan I was. It didn't stop there. At home, my dad would imitate the commentator before my handstand challenge by saying 'Gladiator, ARE you READY?!'. I'd nod excitedly, rub any sweat off my hands and do my handstand on the wall while dad held a clock upside down for me so I could monitor my time to beat my personal best handstand time. Sounds funny now, but back then I was serious about my handstands and cartwheels.

ANYWAY, how did I get from talking about Snow White remake film to cartwheels? Back to the film, it's nice to see a film that will no doubt be watched by many little girls, shows a woman can be beautiful, have courage and be strong without having to forfeit her gentle feminine nature. What a truly refreshing reminder!

p.s - I had a favourite contestant called Delta. She was beautiful yet strong. Thinking back, I think I likd her so much because she was everything I wanted to be and still want to be even though I've grown out of my crazy Gladiator fan girl phase. :)


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