this season of life

SEASONS COME and seasons go. So what do you think about the season of 'singledom'?

A FEW DAYS ago I had a bbq lunch at my house where my friends plucked salad leaves from our garden and we laughed til our bellies ached. As some of us girls shared coffee, we got talking about relationships and marriage, inevitably since most of us are in our twenties and in a season of singledom.
I know that marriage is truly a wonderful lifelong committment between two people. Yet as long as I can remember the prospect of marriage seemed very very unattractive. I'd seen alot of strained and unhappy marriages where the children are victim to conflicted emotions and frankly this discouraged me to anticipate marriage. I told myself I wouldn't be at a loss if I did without. I'd been to church conferences where they spoke about singledom and marriage which instilled in me hope that happy marriages were not extinct, unlike what the high divorce rates reflected. Yet, while I had faith in all other areas of my life, in this area, I wasn't fully convinced.

But ye of little faith, 'surely the sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants and prophets' (Amos 3:7).

Even though I had prayed and God had spoken to me about this area, I wasn't able to completely rely on his timing. Looking back, I can honestly say that there have been times when I was involved in a relationship because of loneliness and other times relationships were jeopardised because of my insecurities (fear of falling 'out of love' or thinking too far ahead etc..). Needless to say they were all manifestations of worry and lack of faith..born from a heart that wasn't at peace since I lacked investing in prayer to prepare for the relationships. If I had known better, it would have caused less heartache for everyone. But you know what, one learns through experience and at least now I can say I'm wise enough to start a relationship after taking time to pray to seek God's approval first. :)

The coffee talk about this topic really encouraged me to cherish this season of life and reminded me of God's promises for us 'singles'. Sometimes we get frustrated at ourselves or others when a relationship we invested in ends for whatever reason and are left asking 'God do you really want me to be single my whole life?' *sulk* But he doesn't want us to do life alone, and he wants to pair us with someone who will not only love and cherish us but be compatible to us (who brings the best out of us; note, someone can be truly awesome but NOT compatible with you) so that 1+1= something better than 1. After all, didn't God create Eve because he saw it was not good for Adam to be alone? That's right guys, women ARE the answer. *cough cough*. But I digress...the point of the matter is, God has someone special planned for you and you'll meet them in his spectacular timing.

So in the meantime, try to spend this season of single life wisely. Pour your energy for character development, exercising generosity and compassion and investing in prayer and people to flourish in God's love. Then, reader, I believe that without you realising it, that special person will be smiling back at you :)
I know that a lot of single people out there think about this topic but feel sheepish to share their thoughts...but alas I have written about it and am not embarrassed!

'Love is waiting...til its right'

If you'd like to read more about this topic, check out this webzine (it's one of faves!)  www.boundlessline.org


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