today I'm thankful for...

(via Pinterest)

1. GECKOS. Hooray (!) for the two geckos that do night patrol outside my window (They disturbed me until I realised they eat up all the bugs and spiders..now I love them :) teehee )

2. Pinterest - where I can indulge my mind with pretty pictures, beautiful interiors for my future house, inspiring words...when I need to take a break to check my mental status...

2a. Apartmenttherapy.com - as above

3. Education - the fact that I can freely choose what I want to study and be challenged intellectually to prepare for future opportunities that excite me. Education instills a hope. Brings you closer to accomplish those dreams you hold.

4. My new whiteboard - talking apples, mindmaps, too many lovehearts...schedules..it is definately one of the best toys I can have at this time!

5. My bible - it doesn't need updates, it's always the same yesterday and today, yet I learn something new each time I open it...truly God's love letters. amazing.

This is what happens when you spend the entire day in your room, attached to the computer writing essays, not speaking to anyone but your computer screen.. : - o
Still, I'm thankful for #3. It makes me exercise perseverence and diligence which I am always in more need of!

what I'm listening to...husband and wife duo, so sweet :)


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