the result of insomnia...is this. WOWIES!

AND OF COURSE I start work at 7.30am...Great. Well I might share some things on my mind lately :


DONE AND DUSTED (!). My research group handed in our year long research project today after a two hour trek around campus. While doing a last minute check we see the 'References' heading is printed on the bottom of a page. GASP. We head to POD (print on demand) centre and print. Phewing that it's good we checked. To our dismay we realise its been printed doublesided. Print again. Bind. Go to hand in. This time to find, the admin officer say we need ANOTHER copy. This time, in an attempt to get cheap printing and binding on campus we head to cheap print station...TO FIND printing is cheap but binding is more expensive. REWIND. Lesson learnt : do NOT assume cheap printing means cheap binding and vice versa. We had a good laugh though. Who knew handing in something which we thought would be the easiest thing turned out to be an adventure!

ON BEING CALM. The second time in the past two weeks someone has told me that I appear to be a calm person. A friend told me I am the soothing type (it reminded me of 'soothers' lozenges you take when you have a cough) and I was like whaaat? I am so not calm. I am thinking a gazillion things, usually overthink and worry myself to bits and am anxious by nature. Looks can be deceiving (but I still took it as a compliment, since it's better to look calm than fidgety!). If I do portray calmness, I pray that I have an inner peace within me that matches it, cos from the heart springs everything.

(photos using my Iphone; different seasons on campus)

CHARACTER. I've been thinking and talking to my friends alot about character lately. What does it mean to have good character? and how do you achieve it? This is one area in my life I'd like to work on because I realised that my thoughts, actions and words weren't aligned to how I believed I should live my life. The mind is willing but the body is weak to carry it out. I guess like passion which requires diligence and conscious effort, building character is much similar. Man, I have a lot to work on. But let's face it, I'm not a saint and at the end of the day I'm not working towards being a perfect person who has no weaknesses. I just want to be able to say at least I tried and hopefully see the fruits of change. Time for more action. And of course, have fun in the process! So grateful for friends who are not shy to share insight and encouragingly remind me that life is a character building journey.

WHAT IS EATING THE SUNFLOWER LEAVES? The sunflower seeds I planted a few weeks ago have sprouted leaves but they have been half eaten and I don't know who the culprit is...monster ants? possums? worms? Every morning I go out to water them and find evidence of yet another chomp! It's a sad mystery waiting to be solved.

Ok enough rambling for the night..shall do more rambling again. Hopefully next time round it won't be because of insomnia!

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