purpose - where art thou?

I still don't know who or why I am writing this blog for. I admit, before I started this blog, I read up on a couple of sites about how to start a blog and they usually mentioned thinking about the purpose of a blog : for publicity? for self? to share ideas on literature with other literature loving people on the net? for self therapy? I mean, it's known fact that purpose is crucial for a person's life to be meaningful, so maybe this notion applies here as well.

For all I know, the people who stumble upon this blog are probably searching for something else. I present my skewed viewpoint in this blog. Quite selfish if you tell me. But then again, it is difficult for one to be NON biased. Our whole being is an artefact, a product of the endless influences and influencers we encounter in our life. We're shaped, moulded and stretched to become who we are in the present.

I think I write on this blog to present a different anonymous self, a freer self that wants to express my innermost feelings as they are without any pretense.

And I tell you what, it's liberating.

And if someone happens to become enlightened, or able to laugh out loud, or hopeful, by reading some random passing thought I've managed to record down here before it flies away, then well, it's all the more better. :-)

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