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SOMEONE told me about an old man who had lived his life unable to read or write. He was so ashamed that he spent much of his energy trying to hide this fact from others instead of seeking help. I was shocked..'this really happens in Australia??". It's sad because someone is born with so much potential but because of neglect it has become a disability by default. There are cases of the government neglect, but most cases of neglect begin from unstable family conditions...and this really saddens me. When you get to the root of the matter it's the families that need to be restored. The father needs to step up into his role as leader of the family, one which comes with great responsibility but also great joy, privelege and honour. The mother's broken heart needs to be restored so she can love her children. The 21st century has gone through a lot of different fears and unfortunate events, but rather than terrorism, infectious diseases and unexpected natural disasters and other threats to physical harm, I think one of the most unfortunate things is the fragility of families. For this is the reason why kids are not being nurtured and flourish as they should. Parents who are unable to solve their issues are unable to look after their kids because they already have the burden of their unresolved personal issues. Today a lot of the focus may be in being financially ready for a wedding day, but being emotionally prepared for marriage is time and time again what married people say is required for a happy marriage and ultimately a happy family.

I feel kind of powerless writing about such topics on this blog at times, because of my sheer futility in this area (I mean I'm not even married myself haha..)...and I question myself as to why I'm writing about it at all. But people write to express their ideas and this has been a thought that has grown in my mind over the years which I had wanted to address in writing sometime, even though I may be the only one reading this. I guess it's an area I've grown passionate about over the years, since I've thought about it alot since seeing different types of issues having the same negative impact on families. My ongoing prayer is that families within our communities, nation and throughout the world begin repairing and blossom with respect and love. May all children have an opportunity to flourish in love.


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