a love of candles

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MY LOVE of candles goes back to sixth grade.
I used to find comfort in collecting things wherever I went. It began with favourite cartoon clippings carefully cut out from newspapers, which I'd neatly arrange to fit into my small cardboard box. One day, they disappeared (actually mum removed them..I think she got a bit worried I was spending time doing such things rather than being active). Then one day someone gave me a candle as a gift. Then I was hooked...I started collecting, then my friends started giving me candles as gifts. I never lit them up worried that I'd set the house on fire. Later on, to my dismay, I let go of my candle fetish after mum convinced me it was extra stuff that I never used, and plus we were moving so the less stuff we had the better. I can't remember if I gave them away or threw them away but a part of me cried inside because over the years I had attached myself to them. After that, I stopped collecting. As an adult I understand the practicality of NOT collecting and forgive my mum for coercing me to let go of my candle babies...sigh.

Recently I started my candle loving again, lighting one almost every night. I fall asleep as I watch the shadows of the flame dance on the wall and the scent permeate the air to envelope me. There's something magical about it all.

tonight is such a melancholy night I feel nostalgic all around...


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