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JUST TODAY during a game I let the word 'hate' slip from my mouth when giving a sentence example for my six year old student who I work with for her learning difficulties. She glanced up at me. 'Don't say hate'. She said it so gently and sincerely that I was momentarily speechless in my embarrassment and realised, I'm helping this kid's language and I'm feeding her negative words..mm maybe NOT a good idea. And when was something SO bad that I had to use the word 'hate' anyway. 'Dislike' or 'don't like' can always suffice instead...should think twice before saying such strong words next time. Ok so I'm (going to try) wiping hate off my mental vocab board. Better to speak more positive words anyway because words are important. Awesome..great..wonderful..fantastic...so many positive words to choose from.
A thought for today : often adults mistakenly think we are much wiser than kids but we will be pleasantly surprised to know there are lots of things to learn from children's simple and pure minds - only if we let them.

On that note...here's an inspiring TED talk from a child prodigy about what we can learn from children. Worth watching :)


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